de Dios, and Ucayali basins. RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- The Brazilian population reached 190.73 million people in 2010, increasing 12.3 percent in the past decade, accordi.

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1.? (Xinhua/AFP Photo) ? LONDON, Dec. 15 (Xinhua) -- British foreign secretary William Hague said on Thursday withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq "closes an important chapter" in t.

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orm the United States' health care system, although the White House has not provided details on whether Republicans will participate in drafting a bill. The Jan. 19th election of R.

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arly payment of the fund. Zardari told the U. S. defense secretary that Pakistan has suffered 34 billion dollars since the U.S-led coalition in 2001. ? U.S. Defense Secret.

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aised on Monday as "orderly" the parliamentary elections held Sunday in Kyrgyzstan. "Election observers have reported some flaws and irregularities in the voting process, which mu.

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he rest of the country. LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- A man was killed and another injured Saturday in a shooting in Garden Grove in California, police said. The shooting was r .

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e humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, which is under the de facto control by Hamas, a major rival for Abbas's Fatah party. Abbas shared ideas on expanding access for humanitaria.

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ondition improved. There has been no word as yet on whether a date will be set. The last status report issued by the Venezuelan government on Chavez's health on Feb. 15, said he w.

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uthorities are evaluating this closely with a concern for protecting investors and preventing this from happening again and they will make findings of their review public along w.

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